Renaissance Fanfare

Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

By Phil Merkel
Eric Torgersen and I drove up to Pawling NY (Thanks for driving) to see Annie Haslams Christmas show. The Towne Crier was a nice little restaurant.....probably fit right into Port Jeff, with a small stage. Probably the smallest venue I've ever heard Annie sing at. The first set was a tribute to the late Michael Dunford who tragically died a few weeks ago.... before the new Renaissance album is released, and the second half...Annies favorite holiday tunes (We get to sing along!) Always difficult to do a road trip during the holidays but always worth it to hear Annie sing. Was good to see her getting back into it after such a terrible event and the band will continue and tour on in 2013, surely the best tribute and present for 2013 in the situation. Rave Tesar and Jason Hart were spot on wonderful, Jason covering the acoustic guitar in Michaels absence and singing Captive Heart again much to our joy. It's always great to hear different line ups of bands you love like Renaissance or Miles To Dayton and hearing Annie with just the keyboards was pretty special, reminded me of her singing Carpet of the Sun at NEARfest with just her and Michael Dunford on Acoustic Guitar. This had the same sort of uniqueness and magic. Many thanks to all involved for setting this up and making it happen. Will we see you in 2013??? YES! Happy Holidays and New Year!


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