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It appears that Renaissance will tour next year, as reported in RG by David Samuel Barr after Annie's Christmas show:

During the course of the show she said
that despite losing Michael the band
intends to fulfill their obligations
to the spring concert bookings making
up for those in October canceled due
to her back injury, and to continue
to forge on, though exactly how they
will do so is, of course, not yet

So I start here a debate about a new Renaissance guitarist.

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Impossible to replace: Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence, Curt Cobain, John Bonham, Peter Gabriel, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. However, their respective bands survived, at least for one show and they did it by having a very special guest, someone famous on his own, someone you wouldn't have necessarily thought of as a replacement:

  • Queen + Paul Rodgers
  • INXS + Terence Trent D'Arby
  • Nirvana + Paul McCartney
  • Led Zeppelin + Phil Collins
  • Genesis + Bill Bruford
  • Yes + The Buggles

I think of something similar:

  • Renaissance + Al Stewart

Al Stewart is known as singer-songwriter but he is also, and this is less known, a true genius of the acoustic guitar. And he knows the band, having supported it at least twice in the 70's. Al has even jammed with the band for Ashes Are Burning. Annie Haslam has supported Al for various shows at the end of the 90's and Al has supported Annie for her tour with David Sancious in 2005.

Steve Hackett would be good, he toured with them a few years back. 

Steve's agenda is incompatible with Renaissance's agenda. He will be in Italy while the band will be in Florida.

Is he the kind of guitarist Renaissance needs? He could be a nice guest, to play the electric guitar on Ashes Are Burning and on songs from Prologue or Azure d'Or. Could he be at the place of Michael Dunford? After all he makes from time to time an acoustic guitar album or an acoustic show.  

Well, he would be the man for The Sisters.

Singer/songwriter Jann Klose opened for Renaissance during the 2009 tour and performed in Annie's 2010 Christmas show.  He is a personal friend of the band; he lives in the USA (New York?), eliminating any intercontinental logistical and budgetary headaches.  


Jann Klose is more likely to accept the job than other people mentioned here.

I checked Al Stewart's agenda. He will play in Florida on April 20 and 21 and nothing is announced for the days after. Renaissance will play in Florida on April 25, 26 and 28. So something could be organized, if everybody agree. 

What about hiring among the former Renaissance guitar players? 

Rob Hendry: I have heard nothing new about him during those last 16 years.

Peter Finberg: he lives in UK so he'd better join JC, JT and TS. Don't they need a guitar player too? 

I remember there was some kind of contact between AH and Rob Hendry through the NLweb forum 10 years ago.

Some years ago, someone left a message on AH's guestbook (not on the Northern Lights Bulletin Board) and signed "Rob Hendry". Did it proof it was really him? The message vanished soon from her guestbook.

Or what about hiring a former Renaissance member, who was not the guitar player in the band but does play guitar?

Mark Lambert/Lampariello: you can see him playing guitar in the videos tagged NHK1990. With him, the complete Modern Farmers would be incorporated in Renaissance.

But there's a problem: Mark Lambert lives in Brazil.

Jon Camp and Terence Sullivan: we know they can play guitar.

But if one day they rejoin the band, it will be as bass player and drummer.

Jim McCarty:

As founder and songwriter of Renaissance, he would deserve a special setlist, where his own songs would also be honored. He lives in France but uses to travel every year, specially with the Yardbirds.

Whoever the new guitarist will be, what matters is that he must feel good within the band and that the other must feel good with him. He may be completely unknown, it doesn't matter. I have confidence in the band's choice. As they said in their interview to ProgRock in 2010, they have a precise idea of what is good for music and what is wrong.

David Biglin was fantastic with Annie on her Brazil show and played with her before that. He is great on guitar and keyboards and can sing.

Just throwing out a name: Roy Wood. He doesn't seem to be up to much lately.


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