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Not properly displayed like an interview, but includes several topics as AH eye troubles, Northern Lights airplay by BBC as a tribute to Michael Dunford, etc. 

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Not only was Northern Lights broadcasted by BBC. Several songs from the Golders Green Hippodrome (1977) featuring Running Hard, Ocean Gypsy and Touching Once were also airplayed in BBC6 (January 3th).

Golders Green Hippodrome: it means BBC Sight and Sound.

This is strange because the role of Michael Dunford in BBC Sight and Sound seems to be pretty discrete at best. Even Jon Camp was strongly eclipsed at stage by John Tout and Annie Haslam. But there is a hidden gem for Michael Dunford in this video: an amazing scene during the instrumental passage in Touching Once where a superposition of planes by the producer gives the feeling of Annie being located inside Michael´s acoustic guitar.  

Weren't you talking about radio airplay? Not so strange that they played some of their BBC sessions.

Yes. Renaissance´s BBC Sight and Sound is amazing but it lacks two cornerstones of live Renaissance renditions (Ashes are Burning and Scheherazade). Both are present in the BBC Sessions CD. But perhaps it was not possible the airplay of these songs because of time constraints in this BBC programme. 

Does anyone know if it's possible to get a DVD of BBC Sight in Sound in Concert ?

Looks like that DVD is a little hard to find now. Not available on Amazon or ebay. I do know where it can be found, but the source is rather frowned upon by at least one member of the band. I'd suggest keeping an eye peeled on ebay and Amazon. Maybe a copy will turn up, but might be expensive when it does. Or just view it on Youtube.

Edit: a little further research reveals to me that the entire DVD is apparently a bootleg, so the band gets no compensation for it at all. Which is probably why it's not on Amazon and ebay


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