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Annie Haslam is re-issuing the 1997 studio concert DVD and digital album under her White Dove Records label.  Announced on her Facebok page: 

I am overjoyed to announce that I am releasing my 1997 'Live' in Philadelphia DVD on my own label White Dove Records. The show was recorded at Sonic Studios in Philadelphia with a small intimate crowd of fans in attendance. We had so much fun and interaction with the fans and I even used my video camera (Haslam-Cam!) the whole experience was exhilarating.

My band, Rave Tesar, Davd Biglin and Joe Goldberger played flawlessly and sounding more like 6 than 3 musicians. The music we performed was a mixture of my solo work and Renaissance, each song having the audience singing along. It was a very special experience for us all.

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All(?) of Annie's self-produced solo albums are now reissued as digital downloads on Bandcamp:

Bandcamp is notable in that the buyer gets to choose the audio format of the download: MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC -- the last two are lossless formats, 100% equivalent to CD quality. 


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