Renaissance Fanfare

Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

Remaster is out January 25 (Amazon, Friday Music), bonus track single is out now (with a GREAT cover image!)



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Is there a CD single or only a downloadable single?
Downloadable (iTunes) only, alas.
Where did you find this big (and beautiful) image?

The original Flowers in the Rain - The Move, live in Belgium, 1969.


80's britain tv show whit  Jon Camp on bass playing "Flowers in the rain" in YouTube.
Oscar, can you post the link - I'm not finding it on YouTube.

Found it!  GREAT find, Oscar!


Another video from 1969


While being recorded more than 30 years later, Flowers in the Rain

perfectly fits with the album. It's not usually the case. For example,

the 1988 version of Look Back in Anger sounds totally out of place

on the 1991 reissue of David Bowie's Lodger (1979).

Strangely, Flowers in the Rain is no more available on iTunes.


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