Renaissance Fanfare

Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

Betty Thatcher tribute concert planned by Camp, Tout, Sullivan

Jon Camp shared this on ProgressiveEars last week (hat tip: Rudy Krankall) 



Hi All-my web site is nearly ready to go live and the Cathedrale album is available via myself-contact me at for details.
My solo album is coming on well and I will shortly be posting some bass licks and some of the more complicated bass parts from some of the Renaissance material on my Facebook artiste page.
I am organising two benefit concerts for Betty Thatcher who wrote the lyrics for Renaissance in the early years-one will be in the UK and the other in Philadelphia USA-John Tout and Terry Sullivan from Renaissance will be working with me on this project and we will shortly be putting together our own 'Renaissance'!

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Nice one -- and designed by our own John Langton! 


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