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It looks like a bootleg but it is listed at both Amazon and cdUniverse.

Another source, Soundaboard, gives the tracklist:

01 - Can You Understand?
02 - Let It Grow
03 - Sounds Of The Sea
04 - Carpet Of The Sun
05 - At The Harbour
06 - Ashes Are Burning (with Andy Powell and Al Stewart)
07 - Prologue.

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Doesn't look legit.  This was a BBC radio broadcast, and an excellent recording of it is in circulation among the present-day equivalent of tape traders -- for free, as their honor code requires: one shall not exploit the artist commercially, as is the case with this CD.

I have the recording; I'll see about setting up streaming for Ashes are Burning. 

From the torrent description on "Dime":

What makes this performance so special? As the group progressed from this point on, the music became richer, denser, and more complex. It also became darker and morose. By contrast, this show is bright and airy and is absolutely *bursting* with good vibes. Like me, you may get an epiphany from time to time from listening to it! As an added bonus, Annie and Co. brought in Andy Powell (from Wishbone Ash) on guitar and Al Stewart on backup vocals for a sterling "Ashes Are Burning". This is one great show! 

Great info, Just pre-ordered it.

Doesn't look like a bootleg as its available to pre order and being released on Feb 15th.

Do you or anybody know who is releasing this?

thanks Esa, There's another live double CD on their site from 1974 Academy of Music.

See Dmitry M. Epstein's article about it

and read Andy Powell's comment about his guitar solo in Ashes Are Burning.


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