Renaissance Fanfare

Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

It was first released in April, and rapidly became out of print. The second edition is released today.

Feat. Relf & McCarty:

1. Island
2. Kings & Queens

Feat. Binky Cullom:

3. Kings & Queens
4. Golden Thread
5. Mr. Pine
6. Face of Yesterday
7. Widdicombe Fair

Binky Cullom

Binky Cullom singing Golden Thread.

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Regarding the Cullom-era section of this: Maybe I'm just more fond of obscura than the next guy, but I find it really fascinating to get to see and hear such a short-lived and little-discussed phase of the band. I wish I could hear (and see) more from the "missing links" between the mutually-exclusive original (1969-70) and classic (1972-79) lineups -- particularly from Annie's pre-PROLOGUE time with the band.


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