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This is the title of the upcoming Renaissance EP, see

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To the people going to RoSFest: would you please buy an EP for me?

If so, please contact me offline.

Thank you.

The Renaissane merchandise folks just arrived. The EP is not ready yet, and there is no official estimate. "Maybe in a month."
Thank you for having tried!

Have a good Renaissance evening.

From the blog at :

July 31st 2010

I would like to share the inspirations that led to the songs on The Mystic and The Muse.

‘The Mystic and The Muse’

This song is based on two of my paintings: The Mystic and also The Muse. When Michael sent me the music I immediately saw these two paintings in my minds eye and called Michael and sent him the images to look at. It was a natural progression, from the visual to the song! I am the Mystic and Michael is the Muse. I am tuned into energies that have evolved over the years culminating into the channeling of my art. Michael is the one who resurrected the band, so he is my Muse. I LOVE this piece, we performed this on our recent Summer tour of the US and Canada, for which we received a standing ovation at every show. It was the most wonderful feeling for us and the other guys in the band. ‘Live’ it is extremely dramatic and powerful and is the beginning of more to come!

‘Immortal Beloved’

This was inspired by ‘Carlos’, a friend who passed away in December 2009. He lived in Brazil and had a warm glowing personality.
It is about his love for life, his family and friends, his challenges and his joys! He left behind his light, to watch over the ones he loved.


‘Tonight’ tells about knowing one’s soulmate in ‘Love’ does exist, and with faith will arrive.

Long review and background story at Musical Discoveries:

 A review in German, by Nik Bruckner


Anyway, one of the many mother languages for Ren fans and Renaissants in this forum


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