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Last night's concert in Germany was cancelled due to Annie being ill, as is the concert tonight. Anyone heard anything about the rest of the tour?

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I have no information about the rest of the tour.

I have been fortunate enough to attend the 2 first shows of the tour, one in Belgium and the other one in the Netherlands.

The setlist was (highlight to read if you really want to know): 

Carpet of the Sun
Ocean Gypsy
Running Hard
Grandine il Vento
Symphony of Light
Northern Ligths
The Mystic and the Muse
Mother Russia
Ashes Are Burning.

I had seen Annie in 11 concerts before, in solo or as the Renaissance singer but once more I have been surprised and impressed by her singing. And all the band was perfectly in place. The public was very reactive and acclaimed warmly every song, including the 3 new ones, in a way that manifestly touched the band. The public also reacted warmly to some instrumental solos by Rave, Leo and Tom.

Here is a picture I made at the Spirit of 66 the 9th of April 2015.

News from FB: Annie has recovered and they will play tonight. They prove it by a video:

Pictures at the Spirit of 66 by Brigitte Cochet:

Some videos of the show at the Union Chapel:

Unlike the 2011 Keswick DVD, this show was expertly lit for video by Russell "Tigger" Matthews who is the lighting director for Steve Hackett.  You can tell the difference even in the YouTube videos.  The DVD should come out looking great; now I really hope that a Blu-Ray version will be released.  The band was in top form too. 

Wish we could say the same for the lighting at Leamington Assembly,  Annie almost almost always between the spots,  Rave appeared to be suffering from spotlights shining in his face all the time.

So - Audio perfect, visual, could do better with lighting

Hi All Who's going to St Helens Fri ??


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