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From (coloring is mine):

Rehearsal Snaps for Tour 2013

As it often goes in show biz, the band realised that the increasing demand for performances into 2014 would be more than Jan Schelhaas could agree to.  Fearing a conflict with Caravan's touring schedule, the reluctant choice was made to enlist a player who had no future committments and thus, Jason Hart was drafted to take Jan's place.  

Jason's most notable pedigree is with Renaissance so he has slotted in with CAMEL beautifully and the show is already taking shape.  He will surely be welcomed by all who come to the performances.  

We grabbed the chance for a couple of snapshots just before their dinner break:

Tour dates at

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What have in common Mickey Simmonds, Tom Brislin and Jason Hart?

  • They played keyboards for Renaissance, at the right side of the stage, while Rave Tesar was at the left side.
  • They played keyboards for Camel at some point.

A fourth Camel keyboardist have played with Annie one day. Who was he?

It's a good answer. Dave Sinclair has played on the Camel album Breathless (1978).

There is a fifth Camel keyboardist who has played with her. Who was he?

Indication: his contribution as camel keyboardist is rather discrete but he is much more known for having played another instrument for another band - a famous band.

... Genesis.

Anthony Phillips

Played Acoustic Guitar on 'Reaching Out' with vocals by Annie on the 'Intergalactic Touring Band' album in 1977

And keyboards on Camel's 'The Single Factor' in 1982


Jason Hart will be very busy in early 2014 but doesn't forget about Renaissance (source FB): 

with Duncan Sheik:
Feb. 8 - San Francisco, CA - Yoshi’s 
Feb. 9 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow’s Nightclub
Feb. 10 Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
Feb. 12 - Spokane, WA - Bing Crosby Theater
Feb. 14 &15 - Park City, UT - The Egyptian Theatre
Feb. 17 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe

with Camel:
2nd March 2014 - Holland - Amsterdam, PARADISO 
3rd March 2014 - Holland - Eindhoven, MUZIEKGEBOUW
4th March 2014 - Belgium - Gent, VOORUIT
6th March 2014 - Germany - Filderstadt/Stuttgart, FILHARMONIE
7th March 2014 - Germany - Cologne, THEATER AM TANZBRUNNEN
9th March 2014 - UK - Sheffield, CITY HALL
10th March 2014 - UK - Birmingham, TOWN HALL 
11th March 2014 - UK - Cambridge, CORN EXCHANGE
13th March 2014 - UK - Warrington, PARR HALL
16th March 2014 - Portugal - Lisbon, AULA MAGNA
17th March 2014 - Spain - Madrid, TEATRO NUEVO APOLO
18th March 2014 - Spain, Barcelona, BARTS THEATER
20th March 2014 - Italy - Turin, HIROSHIMA
21st March 2014 - Italy - Vincenza, TEATRO COMUNALE

with Renaissance:
April 3, 2014 Birchmere Music Hall, Alexandria, VA (D.C.)
April 4, 2014 Infinity Music Hall, Norfolk, CT
April 7-12 2014 Cruise to the Edge with Yes, Marillion and others
April 17th, 2014 Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ

Renaissance is lucky to have two, VERY committed keyboard players. Rave Tesar is absolutely incredible, and so is Jason Hart. They also had keyboard player, Tom Brislin, and only great things can be said about him, and his new album, Hurry Up And Smell The Roses.

Rave- he's an incredibly nice guy, whose willing to share what he's learned in the music industry with anyone. Very kind. Also, he's one of the most talented pianists I've ever seen...and he also knows all the technical side of the keyboards. He's been performing with Annie since the late '80s, and is still working really hard with Renaissance.

Jason- he's one of the greatest keyboardists in the music industry. He's played with Rufus Wainwright, Duncan Sheik, Camel, ect, and is always professional in each and every performance. He knows just about everything to know in the technical side of the keyboards. Everyone should take a look at his I and THOU album. 

A DVD from the 2013 tour, feat. Jason Hart!

Recorded the 28th of October 2013, 4 days after I saw them in Belgium.

By the way, it's now 5 days before I see them again in Belgium.
I hope I'll buy the DVD there.


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