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This status was posted on Jon Camp's Facebook page today: 

New Year-New Project!-a female vocalist/instrumentalist required for a musically challenging venture. It would be helpful if they have a knowledge of the music of 'Renaissance' but were not limited to it's style and hopefully have 'their own song to sing'.
This is a long term undertaking and will include writing/recording and touring so absolute commitment is essential.
In the first instance please forward examples of your work to myself and Terrence Sullivan via our FB Pages.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!

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New message today:

Happy Christmas to all our friends-thanks for all your posts that have have inspired us in the past year-we look forward to bringing you the music of 'Renaissance' old and new in 2013-Jon, Terry and John xxx

From one message to another a slight evolution in the way the name Renaissance is used.

They could proceed to a maximal Renaissancification by hiring Peter Finberg, Mickey Simmonds and Poppy Tierney. Anyway, as I said about the other band, it is not what matters. The point is to gather a band where everyone finds its place to produce a music that will stand the test of time (to paraphrase Terence Sullivan).

I plead for a gentlemen agreement between AH-MD's band and JC-TS-JT's band. They could each name themselves Renaissance, simply Renaissance. The fans would perfectly know what it is about. As for those who are not fans, anyway they don't care about any Renaissance in any form. To avoid confusion, we could use the nicknames Renaissance US and Renaissance UK and hope that the two bands will gather from time to time for a special event. What about a tribute concert for Michael Dunford and Betty Thatcher?

Weldon Glenn posted a status (please read about the status):

Maybe it is time to call Terry Sullivan, John Tout and Jon Camp back into the fold.....

Terry Sullivan, John Tout and Jon Camp are taking care of themselves.

The Renaissance lawyer contacted the singer Tania Braz (see the videos of the concert of her band - Ladylike) ... She is an architect and graduated in music and composition from the Federal University of Minas Gerais) ...

Facebook Ladylike:

Why did the lawyer contact Tania Braz?

he said to a future with members of the renaissance (Tout, Camp and Sullivan) work .. if they were to make new work

Did he introduce himself as the Renaissance lawyer?

Presents itself as the renaissance lawyer (Tout, Camp and Sullivan) ... his name is Steven Sigal .. he is quoted in facbook Sullivan and Camp ... Tania has talked to him ...


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