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Closest thing to an official announcement so far - prominent mention on an email campaign and blog post:


"We recorded and filmed the Keswick Theatre performance.  Being it all sounds and looks great, we will be releasing a CD and DVD available only through our website in time for the Holidays (along with some very special Renaissance goodies). "

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A rendering of the cover image: 


Latest news, posted on Renaissance FB page:

Final video editing happening right now... The detailed announcement will come soon. We expect to be taking orders right after Thanksgiving and delivery to all good fans before Christmas.


Strange to read this:

With the exception of someone sticking a B&W camera at the back of a theater in the 70′s, this is the first time Renaissance has ever been filmed and professionally recorded in concert.

What about BBC Sight & Sound?

I suspect the rationale for excluding it was:

  • BBC S&S was a studio concert, not a "real" show.  Certainly a different vibe in the venue with the audience (on balcony only) separated from the band by a sea of camera and recording equipment and crew on theater floor.  If it wasn't a live simulcast (anybody know?) there were probably numerous interruptions, director's directions, possibly multiple takes and re-takes, and definitely an "Applause!" sign for the audience. 
  • It hasn't been officially released by BBC or the band

I remember watching it LIVE at the time on BBC2 TV, whilst listening to it on BBC Radio One, simultaneously. The only 'interruption' was at the start from Pete Drummond introducing the show. The last track was not heard in full at the time as the hour had run out and it was faded out. This is a must for a DVD release. All the songs were performed to a very high standard, without any retakes!

OK for BBC Sight & Sound. But what about Chicago 1983?

Back cover (from a low-res PDF) 

Someone on Progressive Ears wrote:

The other thing I found inaccurate is the description of this DVD being the ONLY film of Renaissance live other than a black & white thing shot from the back. That's blatantly incorrect. There's a pro shot film from Chicago in 83 and the BBC hour long Sight & Sound show from 77. There's also full NJ shows from 78 & 79 on video, and various other TV appearneces from Don Kirshner's to Midnight Special to The Beat Club. In my mind, these are more valid as Renaissance "classic Renaissance" than a full concert of the current line-up... as nice as they may sound. Really, if Annie wasn't in this line-up, would anyone give a care? 

Does anybody here know about those full NJ shows from 78 & 79 on video?

Do they really exist? And if so, are they good enough to imagine a DVD?

It seems likely that 1979 refers to the Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ footage that makes up half of the "Song of Scheherazade" blurry black-and-white DVD?

It's not so obvious as the guy on Progressive Ears named the full NJ shows from 78 & 79 on video as opposed to the black & white thing named by Renaissance.

Product and booklet images (in low resolution):


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