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Please reply to this discussion with comments, observations, news clippings, etc regarding Michael Dunford's untimely passing. 

Official announcement:

Photo: Annie Haslam.

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An expertly crafted edit of the band's press release, with additional historical detail.  Completely ignores the post-2009 comeback effort, however.

Jon Camp commented on Facebook. 

Nov 22: I can't believe this-I was only speaking to him last Friday(16th) he called to ask if I would work with him on a new project-i'm too shocked to write any more right now-he was like the brother I never had for many years-i'll speak to Clare and see what I can do.
Love you Mike.

Nov 23: I spoke to Annie at length last night-we're all dealing with this in our own but it's safe to say that we are united in grief.
I would like to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and condolences over the passing of Michael-we shared so many good and bad times together and when we wrote together it was pure magic-one always supported the other-that's why it worked so well.
Gone but never forgotten.

Between those two messages, Jon Camp posted on Annie's FB page:

I can't believe this Annie-I am in a state of deep shock-I only spoke to him last Friday.

Nov 22: Annie posts this on her FB page and on the news page of her website:

My friend of 41 years and partner in Renaissance, Michael Dunford has passed away. Not only was he a great songwriter, his melodies unforgettable and timeless, but his quiet sense of humor was infectious to all who knew him. His expertise and leadership of the band was unsurpassed. Apart from this and more importantly, he was a wonderful Father to William and Oliver and a caring Husband to his wife Clare. Please hold them in your prayers at this sad time. We have lost a very special human being. He will remain in my heart forever. 

Nov 21: Jason Hart posts this on FB:

It is with heavy heart that I can now share with you the sad news which has just been made public: the sudden passing of my brilliant friend and colleague Michael Dunford. I am so honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to perform and record alongside him, Annie Haslam and the other members of the new Renaissance. Michael not only was a composer of singular ability, he was also a generous, humble, kind and supportive band leader, full of great determination, creativity and humor. To those of us who have been moved to tears by the extraordinary music he wrote, and those of us lucky enough to have gotten to work with him, all I can say is...he will be sorely missed. Listen to some Renaissance music tonight and hold Michael and his family in your thoughts.

The same day he posts this picture with this comment:

A special photo and wonderful memory. With Annie Haslam and the late, great Michael Dunford, an artist and human being I will always love and remember with great affection.

Nov 21: Joe Goldberger posts this on FB:

Saddened and shocked to hear this news. I was humbled and honored to have performed with Michael Dunford for the Renaissance tour this past October. Michael was a brilliant writer and talented musician. A beautiful human being - He will be sorely missed.

Nov 20, before the official announcement: Frank Pagano posts this on FB:

The night just got darker...

... and comments:

the loss of a friend... Have to wait on the official announcement.

Nov 20, after the official announcement: he posts this:

He was a beautiful man...

Nov 23: Pamela Brown, who designed both versions of the Novella cover art, shares this picture on FB:

and comments:

I have always considered hummingbirds and butterflies as signs from loved ones who have passed too. I found this one today (scrolling through my newsfeed) while reflecting on an old friend who suddenly passed away on Tuesday. The lyrics of a song he composed has been in my head all day from which I illustrated the album design to include a hummingbird. I gave him my original painting of that hummingbird, many years ago. "Fly like a song, fly while you're singing. A song without you is a bird without winging."

Nov 24: Shaun McKenna, collaborator of Michael Dunford on the Scheherazade musical project posted this as a comment to his promo video on Youtube:

Mike Dunford was a great composer, a devoted family man and a warm and thoughtful person. I worked with him on and off over fifteen years and will miss him like crazy. Remember him - and send good wishes to Clare and their boys.

Nov 26: Poppy Tierney, who played the main character in the showcase of the Scheherazade musical in December 1997 at the Royal Academy of Music of London, commented on FB:

So sad to hear that Michael is no longer with us. It was an honour to be associated with his work.

Some members of Renaissance Fanfare posted here and there on the website.

Nov 21: John Langton 

RIP, Michael. I am in shock.

Nov 21: Graham Tarry 

Found out via Facebook in the last hour and I'm still in shock. Michael was a great talent and I have such wonderful memories of his music both live and on tape. The new album will be a fitting memorial I am sure. I feel for his family, Annie and the worldwide Renaissance community.

Nov 22: Rob Gennarini 

Wow, I am totally floored. We just saw them a few weeks ago at the Keswick. Sad news indeed, may he rest in peace.

Nov 22: Rick Tejera 

My deepest sympathies to his family, Annie & the band and his fans. I take solace knowing his music is a big part of who I am. Rest in Peace

Nov 22: Jeffrey J. Smith 

Sirius/XM Radio on the Deep Tracks channel just mentioned Michael's passing and then played "Back Home Once Again".

Nov 25: David Rosner 

It is with great sadness we learned of Michael's passing.Weve known him and met at all the many Annie and Renaissance concerts.We last saw him at Ridgefield CT show and he signed program for us.

He will be truly missed by us ,Annie the band and the thousands upon thousands of fans all around the world.

I hope in near futurea memorial show or something to that is done here in Northeast USA.

Again our condolences to Annie,the band and Michael's family.

David and Gloria Rosner

Irvington NY USA



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