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Please reply to this discussion with comments, observations, news clippings, etc regarding Michael Dunford's untimely passing. 

Official announcement:

Photo: Annie Haslam.

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Dec 15: Mickey Simmonds posted on FB:

I didn't know you'd gone, sorry I missed you.

Mike Dunford, beautiful man, exquisite talent.

Nov 25: Nashville Teens on FB:

R.I.P. Michael Dunford

Founder memebr / lead guitarist of The Nashville Teens and latterly of Rennaisance : Died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage earlier this week.

Among the comments, this one by John Hawken:

Michael was a gentle soul. He & I began our R&R journey together in the Cruisers Rock Combo back in the early 60's, rehearsing & doing little gigs at the Addlestone Youth Club in Surrey.This band slowly morphed into the Nashville Teens. Years later,when the original Renaissance disbanded I invited him to become part of the new band.We last met in the mid 70's when the Strawbs & Renaissance shared the bill at the Tower theater in Philadelphia. My condolences to his family & friends .Rest in peace Mick.

Jan 9, 2013, from an interview with Jim McCarty:

NICK DERISO: Your time in Renaissance overlapped with Michael Dunford, who recently passed. He would become a cornerstone of the band, performing in every incarnation through to the current one. Did you stay in touch with Michael? What does his loss mean to music?

JIM McCARTY: The group disbanded quite gradually and when the only one left was John Hawken, the pianist, he brought in a couple of people that he knew from the old days, one of who was Mick Dunford, who had played with him in the Nashville Teens. I met him a few times, and we actually wrote a song together, “Things I Don’t Understand.” Other than that, I didn’t really know him that well and never saw him again since the early ’70s. He seemed to be a good songwriter and musician, and I’m sorry about his passing.

Jan 13, 2013. Tribute to Michael Dunford by Marc Ysaye on Classic 21, with Song of Scheherazade. The broadcast will be available on radio on demand soon and I'll give you the link then. 

The radio on demand is not available yet but there's a special page for Michael Dunford on Classic 21, shared on the classic 21 FB page. I didn't expect this.

The videos are Ocean Gypsy and Mother Russia, both from BBC Sight and Sound and Song of Scheherazade, studio version, audio only.

Here is the direct link for the radio on demand. It will stay for about 4 weeks. The part about Michael Dunford starts at about 50 minutes.

Another path:

--> Emissions

--> L

--> Les Classiques

--> Classic 21 Les Classiques 13/1/2013 

Always delighted to listen the Song of Scheherazade. Beautiful airplay introduction in French. Reminded me of my last attempt to meet Michael and the band in Montréal last October.Thank you for the link

By the way, is it possible to save the file? I don't know how.

Click the download icon (center one of three, between loudspeaker and letter 'i') 

OK, it works with a right click. Thanks.

Not related with the main subject of this discussion, but related with Classic 21.

Last sunday, they played 

  • Turn of the Century (Haslam & Howe)
  • Prologue (Renaissance)

Direct link to listen:

It will stay for about 3 weeks.

To save the file, only 1 or 2 days left:

--> Emissions

--> L

--> Les Classiques

--> Classic 21 Les Classiques 12/01/2014

Some reactions posted by various people on the Renaissance FB page. They are not new but I transmit them here before they disappear in the deep.

Nov 22, 2012 - Laura Kaye posts this picture and this comment:

It is with tremendous sadness that I'm sharing the news of Michael Dunford's passing... Michael was the true heart and soul of the band Renaissance and an absolutely lovely human being. Mark Wood had the honor of performing with them a couple of years ago, at the invitation of Renaissance's lead singer and our dear friend Annie Haslam. This picture was taken after the show... We offer our condolences to his family and friends...

Nov 22, 2012 - Joe Lynn (co-editor of Northern Lights) posts those comments:

This is sad news. Michael Dunford was an extremely talented musician and genuinely nice person. 

I was a huge fan of Renaissance's music all through my college years. I had the opportunity to meet Michael in London in the late 1990s, when Russell W Elliot and I ran Renaissance's original web site. I met him again in Chicago in 2010, and he actually remembered our meeting so many years earlier.

Michael was always willing to share stories of his (and the band's) past-- Renaissance traces it roots back to the Yardbirds-- and we appreciated it greatly.

We still have the band's music (, but he will be missed.


The musicians Lisa and I had at our wedding learned this Renaissance song (co-written by Michael Dunford) at my request: 

Nov 22, Michel Parent, Canadian photographer (see his pictures of Renaissance at Montreal in 2010) posts a picture and a comment:

We are so sad Michael, your music will live forever in our heart and in our souls !

Dec 4, 2012 - Joe Goldberger, Renaissance drummer for the last tour with Michael Dunford, posts a picture and a comment:
On this somber day of Michael's memorial service, let us celebrate him as a loving husband, father, consummate songwriter-musician, and bandmate. May your music and lyrics carry on, as if a balm to the soul in all those who knew and loved you.


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