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Renaissance has posted a four-song sample medley from the upcoming album:

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New sample here:  Cry To The World, featuring Ian Anderson.

Now public and embeddable on SoundCloud.

My conspiracy theory:  Cry to the World is an attempt to recreate Northern Lights -- not a sound-alike, but a song with more or less similar vibe, elements, arrangement, structure.  And (hopefully) similar impact. 

I disliked the chorus at first, particularly the drumming, but it has grown on me.  Ian Anderson's flute flourishes are fabulous throughout. 

Did you know that Ian Anderson and Annie Haslam played Northern Lights together in 2003? See the Letter From Annie of the 21st of November 2003. 

Dear friends,

On Saturday the 15th November at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ, I had the very great honour of sharing the stage with a well-respected musician I have admired for many years. It was something that happened “out of the blue” when I had heard that he would be performing in my home territory.

The person I am talking about is Ian Anderson! He is touring with his “Rubbing Elbows with Ian Anderson” show along with a really great band of musicians (all from the UK).

It was such a treat to meet everyone and hear the familiar accents from my homeland, very friendly guys and very funny too, but even more so was the way I was royally treated and made to be relaxed and part of the show. (I hadn’t performed since last February and was due to have my tooth implant the following Tuesday so singing was not in my agenda for the rest of this year). The song that was chosen was “Northern Lights” as it was a favourite of Ian’s. We rehearsed it a few times in the afternoon and it came out very well. It was a great feeling to hear a real flute in the song instead of a synthesizer, which is used normally in my own band!

Ian is traveling around the USA and each city he has different guests who join him onstage to perform with him. Mostly they have been young aspiring musician/songwriters.

The stage was set up in an unusual way with the band on one side of the stage and a sofa on the other where the guest would first sit and be interviewed by Ian before joining him and his band for a musical piece. Andre Gardner, well known DJ from WMGK FM radio along with Ian announced me and brought me out onto the stage (where we rubbed elbows). The audience were surprised to see me and gave me a warm welcome, that was a relief! We talked about when we first met in the 70’s and then we talked about my CD “One Enchanted Evening” and then my paintings...

Ian also involved the audience in several fun things and overall, the evening was “thrilling and a lot of fun”! If you get a chance to see this show, I highly recommend it., The air was electric all night and Ian’s performance was flawless as were his bands'. A night I shall remember for a long time!

On another note: I am now aching a little from the implant (tooth I might add) at least that is over with for another 6 months! I never realized how long a process that would be.

I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas, although I will miss seeing all of you that have been coming to the annual shows for the past seven years.

I will be in touch again soon. Until then, take care, laugh a lot, we need to do that!

Love and Light,


This picture was made that year 2003.

Did they think, in 2012, about recording a studio version of Northern Light with Ian Anderson and releasing a single Cry To The World/Northern Light by Renaissance + Ian Anderson? I'm sure it would be successful. And if they didn't, it's still time to record it.

Cry to the World is reviewed in Something Else.

Another sample, announced in a news post on band web site.

Buried in the news post: "Grandine il Vento will be available in April."



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