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New edition of Ashes Are Burning with 3 live bonus tracks

According to

the new edition ends with

7. Can You Understand (Live) * Bonus Track
8. Let It Grow (Live) * Bonus Track
9. Ashes Are Burning (Live) * Bonus Track

I have no information about the origin of the tracks.

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This was about a Japanese edition but there will be one in the UK, at Esoteric Recordings, and they give more informations.

They say:

"This Esoteric Recordings edition has been re-mastered from the original Sovereign Records master tapes and adds a previously unreleased thirty minute live performance for BBC Radio One’s In Concert programme in 1974 (recently discovered in the archives).

The booklet features a new essay and exclusive interviews with Annie Haslam and Terry Sullivan and fully restores the original album artwork."


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