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Renaissance covers are not very common nowadays.  Scroll down for a few off YouTube (and add more if you find a good one -- copy/paste the "Embed" code that's shown to the right of the video on YouTube. )

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Acoustic cover of Golden Thread by lionbeograd

After The Oceans Are Gone (Annie Haslam and David Biglin ) - Cover By Kenny Ingram

Jean-Luc, thank you. I truly appreciate you sharing this. This is one of my all time favorite Annie Haslam songs, and it was very fun covering it. 

Another cover by Ladylike: Ashes Are Burning - including the final electric guitar solo.

I contacted Ladylike to inquire, they said this is not them!  Asa, do you know who performs this?

I am the producer Ladylike and husband of singer Tania Braz, singer of the band ... The band plays music copyright and cover the Renaissance, a band that enjoyed ...

Mr. Sigal, Tania Braz asked me to talk to you that this video is the band Ladylike and of which she is a vocalist. to exclarecer: See but in my facebook ..

Just saw this comment from Jon Camp on the Blackheart FB page:

Hi Jon Camp from Renaissance here-just wanted to say that I love what you've done with our song-very fresh and increasing the tempo slightly really works-hope you have a hit!

I haven't found the song yet.

Here it is

And here is a comment from Blackheart

Good evening boys n girls we are feeling all festive here in Blackheartland...why?...because we have a brand new Christmas single coming out on Sunday the 1st of December called Christmas Lights which is our interpretation of the fantastic Renaissance hit Northern can preview it here... :) hope you like, let us know what you think!!x

The single on iTunes contains also a version of Northern Lights.


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