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Getty Images has recently permitted the embedding of their stock images for non-commercial use. There are a few rarely-seen photos of Renaissance and Annie Haslam in their catalog:

Alas, the Ning platform that runs this site does not yet permit iframe embeds from their domain. I have requested it to be added. Meanwhile, these embeds don't quite comply with their policy, although the visual look is what their embed looks like.  I will update the post when it's possible.

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Another nice one here.

A picture by Brian Cooke.

I love this picture.

Do you think it would be legal to create a web page reuniting as many embedded Renaissance images from Getty Images as I can?

I believe so, but in order to comply with their terms you have to embed them as iframes so that their attributions, image click-through, and social media links are active.

Complete terms of embedding are here; I haven't had time to read it in full:

And importantly, of course, it has to be non-commercial use (which our non-commercial fan sites qualify for, in my layman's opinion.)

I assume that's Terry Slade on drums in the top picture, and is that John Wetton on bass?

It's rare to see even a picture of Renaissance from the early Annie era (1971-72). I keep hoping some actual recordings will turn up, but that doesn't seem likely.

Yes, Terry Slade and John Wetton.


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