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This is a PDF containing somebody else's scans of an ultra-rare Renaissance songbook.  The scans are low-quality JPGs, but readable.   The song order is not the same as the original songbook, and any title or picture pages are missing. 

Click here to download the PDF. 

Has anybody seen this songbook in real life? 

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I have obtained one on e-Bay one or two years ago. Don't ask me to scan it, this operation would damage it.
Yes I have a copy also. The binding was not so good it seems. Some of the pages are no longer attached.

I was in a music store several years ago and I am still kicking my self for not buying another music book. The cover was the cover of the Carnegie Hall album. I don't know what was inside of it. I picked it up but was a little short of cash so I didn't buy it. Went back a few days later and it was gone.

Anyone ever hear of it? Been driving me nutz for about 30 years.
Nice gift for us all! Thanks!
Are these all the songs in it -

At The Harbour
Northern Lights
Ocean Gypsy
Running Hard

Are there text and/or photo pages?
Mine has just a blue cover, with just the Renaissance logo, in golden letters.

Page 1 : Renaissance logo, blue on white

Pgae 2-3 : a picture of the band, like this one :

Page 4 : picture of Jon Camp

Page 5 : picture of Mike Dunford

Page 6 : picture of Annie Haslam

Page 7 : picture of Terry Sullivan

Page 8 : picture of John Tout

Page 9 : table of contents

Page 10 : introduction by Betty Thatcher

Pages from 11 to 135 : music

The songs are :

Ashes Are Burning
At the Harbour
Carpet of the Sun
Mother Russia
Running Hard
Ocean Gypsy
Can You Hear Me
Midas Man
Back Home Once Again
The Day of the Dreamer
Northern Lights
A Song For All Seasons

Can someone post the link to A Song for all Seasons in pdf ? Thank you :-) 

Doh! This songbook and its contents are listed in Northern Lights Discography section:

See also

Neither one mentions a second songbook that Joe believes he saw (could it have been a single song sheet music?)
They forgot Prologue.
Content of page 10 :



I'm grateful for this opportunity to write the introduction for the
Renaissance song book, because it gives me the chance to
record my thanks to Michael for the music, and to Jon, John and
Terry for their part in the writing and arranging of each song. And
of course, many thanks to Annie for her beautiful interpretations
of the lyrics.

All of the lyrics I write are about people I know, or know something
of. Many of these in this book are about Annie and the events and
people in her life at the time the songs were written. We've all
been working together from the first album "Prologue", to the
current "A Song For All Seasons".

I very much enjoy working with Renaissance, and hope that you will
get much pleasure from these songs.

Betty Thatcher

This is page 6, just posted by Gilles.

Thank you Gilles.
I bought a copy many many years ago - still have it, but the binding isn't good anymore - some loose pages!!
A fantastic book, great arrangements - as far as I can tell they are pretty similar to the recorded works - have played all the songs a lot of times on piano - doesn't quite sound like John Tout though - and I wont go into the fact that I've been singing along myself....
-Nilsy, - Norway!!


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