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This is a PDF containing somebody else's scans of an ultra-rare Renaissance songbook.  The scans are low-quality JPGs, but readable.   The song order is not the same as the original songbook, and any title or picture pages are missing. 

Click here to download the PDF. 

Has anybody seen this songbook in real life? 

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Expensive but worth it:


And now here's another.  On average, I paid a reasonable price. :-\

Yep, that's the one I found in my parents' garage!

Get out the 12 strings folks, especially on Midas Man

I bought mine in 1980 (ish) at Sam goody on Long island. Still have it somewhere. Gonna have to look now. I did, however pull the page with the Pictures of Annie & Micheal before a concert and got it signed by them. Aslo got to meet them as well. I just found the pictures (In the jacket of Live at Carnegie Hall (Yes, a real record, remember those?))

Here is the other side of the page with Michael's photo.

Wow, congrats.  Fantastic find. 

If anyone's interested...a Renaissance songbook brand new listing on eBay.

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for the sheet music of MOTHER RUSSIA.

No way to find it, nor the Renaissance songbooks.

Any help,someone?



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