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Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

A new Renaissance CD, Symphony of Light, to be released the 15th of April 2014:

The label is Red River Entertainment:

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The tracklist appears at cdUniverse:

Click to hear an MP3 sound sample Trk Song      
1 Symphony of Light
2 Waterfall
3 Grandine Il Vento
4 Porcelain
5 Cry To the World
6 Air of Drama
7 Blood Silver Like Moonlight
8 Mystic and the Muse
9 Tonight
10 Immortal Beloved
11 Renaissance Man

So, it's Grandine Il Vento with 3 bonus track: 2 from the Mystic and the Muse EP (Tonight and Immortal Beloved) and 1 named Renaissance Man.

No information about Renaissance Man. Could it be a tribute to Michael Dunford? If so, it would be the first post-Dunford Renaissance song. But this is pure speculation. 

Now officially announced on band web site and mailing list

I like the look of our home page today. A meeting of 3 visual artists:

Roger Dean, Esa Ahola and Annie Haslam.

Downloaded Symphony of Light from iTunes for my iPad. Sounds great on first listening. I will have to find time to listen without interruption.

I stumbled across an interview last week with Annie and was excited to learn they were making music again. I had given up on the group in the late 90's although I did purchase the 2008 DVD Scheherazade-Other-Stories. I hadn't checked back on Annie's website for a long time.


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