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Hi all looking forward to Fri , id like to take some photos anyone know who I can contact to make sure I have no problem doing this ??

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It's best to call the venue; probably depends on what kind of camera you plan to bring.  The band itself does not prohibit cameras, but prevailing practice (at least stateside) is that venues generally prohibit "professional" cameras (i.e. DSLRs particularly with long lenses) while permitting compact cameras and of course smartphones. 

Remember to share those photos here!

Hi Esa ,

Venue said no photography ( which is what they all say over here ! ) so was hoping someone on here knew how I can contact band management for photo pass ??

I saw Mr So & So a couple of years ago at The Citadel and took photos, though with a fairly compact cheap camera. Didn't encounter any problems that night. Going to be taking it with me on Friday for Renaissance...


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