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Who is going and to which venues?

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I am going to Glasgow. I am so pleased they are including Scotland this time. That said, It is still a long journey, and if it had been anything other than a Friday or Saturday I could not have made it.

Who is in the band for this tour? I know Tom  Brislin can't be there as he is touring with Meat Loaf.

It seems Geoffrey Langley is playing at the place left by Jason Hart and Tom Brislin. He announced it the 30th of January on his facebook page.

It seems there is no other change in the band: Annie Haslam, Mark Lambert, Leo Traversa, Frank Pagano & Rave Tesar.

Im off to Buxton then Homfirth

Good point. It seems that Langley´s style is quite personal, closer to Tom Brislin´s than to Jason Hart´s. 

I was planning to use the two tickets I have for the show at Buxton tomorrow (Sunday). Unfortunately I am ill and therefore unable to go. Very happy to give them free to a couple of fans. Just let me know and I will email them to you.


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