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The MG In Concert Program 1978

Finally got hold of one of these -- in fact, not one but two copies, would you believe it, from the same seller in separate transactions: a pristine one for the vault, and a slightly damaged/stained one to scan and photoshop for this presentation. 

I don't know the full details, but the images and text…


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2011 Limited Edition DVD/2CD

"Limited Edition" shown. "Collector's Edition" includes band autographs over the booklet centerfold (band shot with starfield curtain) and a certificate of authenticity inserted in the booklet pocket.…


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Renaissance at New York Academy of Music - May 17 1974

Famous concert at New York Academy of Music on May 17th 1974, featuring Howard Stein conducting an unnamed 24-piece orchestra and simulcast on WNEW-FM -- the station's second-ever simulcast.  

According to Annie (quoted in the program), this was the band's first live performance with an…


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Renaissance on 8-Track

Renaissance was available on 8-track back in the day, of course.   Here's my collection of unopened tapes in shrink wrap, including a "double play" single cartridge of Carnegie Hall (the standard release for Carnegie Hall…


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The Ultimate Renaissance Collectible?

Renaissance has just announced the Michael Dunford Guitar Auction.  One of the two guitars being sold is THE 12-string acoustic heard on EVERY Dunford-era studio album.  Auction starting prices have not yet been set, but the…


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Northern Lights Web: End of an Era

As Renaissance is engineering and experiencing its renaissance in the 2010s, Northern Lights web site is standing down and archiving itself. …


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Progression Magazine - Spring 2011

Stop the presses!  No, wait...  There's an impressive 6-page spread about Renaissance in the current (Spring 2011) issue of Progression Magazine, exquisitely laid out and surrounded by jaw-dropping previously unseen photography from RoSfest 2010 by…


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Renaissance at the Fabulous Fox - 1977

I'm not a collector of ticket stubs, but I had to buy this one because of the home town connection: Atlanta's "Fabulous Fox" Theatre, a 5000-seat theater built in 1929, constructed initially as headquarters and mosque for…


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What's in a (Domain) Name?

Check your browser's address bar: you are at instead of

The old address will continue to work indefinitely, so no worries about saved bookmarks or posted links etc.   Unfortunately, saved passwords will have to be re-saved by your browser. 

I'm still torn: is it worth changing names mid-course?  Or does the stronger and hosting platform independent "brand" identity help?  I'm leaning toward sticking with the new name, in case…


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Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone!

Renaissance Fanfare went live during January 2010, so it's also a first anniversary for us.

Thank you to all members and visitors for your support.  A year ago, it was not yet known how 2010 would shape up for Renaissance and fans.  For stateside, Japanese, and Korean Renaissance fans it turned out rather well.  May 2011 surpass…


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Poster Restoration

I REALLY like the Turn of the Cards album cover art: it's the logo, background image, and default profile image of this site.

There was a gorgeous promotional poster for the album back in the day -- two versions in fact, with different color hues. I have both, but they are not in a condition that would pass the Wife Acceptance Factor for wall art, no matter how high the memorabilia/collectible value.… Continue

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The Holy Grail of Renaissance Videos


Take a deep breath and reach for a handkerchief: A complete high-quality live concert video of the classic lineup at their peak has finally emerged.

This is a momentous development because of the combination of:

  • Classic 1972-1979 lineup 
  • Complete live performance
  • High production quality (video/audio as well as camerawork, direction, and editing) 


Of the…


Added by Esa on August 1, 2010 at 6:30pm — 9 Comments

Annie Haslam and Friends - In the Spirit of the Holidays

Annie Haslam holiday concerts (two nights) at Sellersville theater have been announced for December 18 and 19. Tickets are reserved for theater members until October 18.

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Fall/Winter Tour Teaser

A long article about the band:

[...] and they will be doing some more shows that are in the works such as possibly Florida, Denver, the West Coast. "There's so many places and so little time and then come September we're going to start to… Continue

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1976 - Stadthalle, Heidelberg Germany

Posted on by user Affendaddy

Location - Heidelberg, Stadthalle

Date - 13. of March 1976…


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New York City!

Site of tonight's Steve Hackett and Renaissance shows in Rockefeller Park in New York City. Awesome location, and great weather -- for the spectators anyway; some of the performers worked up a sweat.

Being a free show in a public park, this was easily the most photographed and videographed Renaissance show on this tour. Hopefully some of the footage will show up on YouTube.


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Renaissance Road Trip 2010

I'm heading out on a week-long road trip to the Northeast. What are the odds: two of my all-time favorite bands are touring the U.S. simultaneously (but separately) after painfully long absences, and their tours intersect in the Northeast next week. And this is happening during a major midlife birthday year for me. For seven consecutive nights, I'm celebrating by catching one or the other perform.

I had mentioned the … Continue

Added by Esa on June 17, 2010 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

Tour Is On

Tour bus hits the road today; tour kicks off in Atlantic City. 21 cities and counting.

I created a forum section for meet-ups, tour reports, etc -- if you go to a show, please share your thoughts and reactions. …


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EP Is Here!

The three-song EP can be purchased in the official site online store as well as on the tour.

The songs are:

* The Mystic and the Muse

* Immortal Beloved


Added by Esa on June 11, 2010 at 10:30pm — 3 Comments

1979 Azure D'or UK Tour Program

Added PDF version to the archives.

This one is low on text, high on images (including a nice full-color centerfold.) It also has two sets of covers, as if they decided to add a full-color cover after a black-and-white cover was already designed and typeset.… Continue

Added by Esa on June 3, 2010 at 10:49pm — 1 Comment

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