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Jean-Luc said:

Esa, isn't this picture one of yours? It appears in many pages.

Yes, that's one of mine from RoSfest -- you can see the "Renaissance Fanfare" watermark along the right edge. I'm guessing they didn't seek permission for anything they found on the internet (for example, Annie with tambourine is copyrighted by Friars Aylesbury and I see one picture by Matt Parish)

The venue looks magnificent, though.
Here is your picture:

Can you read the video on ?

And if so, what's on?
Getting a "temporary error":

New versions of one of the posters on band's Facebook page

Annie blogs briefly about the Korea trip: (misfiled under August)
Its seems Korean people are highly interested in Renaissance.
Here is the video of Ocean Gypsy in BBC Sight & Sound as posted by Ljerk:

Expand the info about the number of views and look at the world map.
Here is the map:

Report at

Does anybody know who played bass and who played keys with Rave Tesar?
Jean-Luc said:

Does anybody know who played bass and who played keys with Rave Tesar?

John Arbo on bass again. Don't know yet who (if anyone) played in Tom's place.
Tom Brislin confirms he didn't play in Korea and announces an explanation.

Jason Hart announces on his myspace that he joins Renaissance. He is also booked for the Annie Haslam Christmas shows.

This is him in Korea:

Here are pictures of the meet-and-greet, where Jason Hart and John Arbo are recognized:


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