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According to Jane Phillips-Valletta on Renaissance with the heavenly voice of Annie Haslam, Annie is planning a Tour of the not too distant future.

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Oscar Fornells i Herrero said on his page:


Renaissance going to Dallas near 8/9 april and after to Europe, Holland.


and gave this reference:


The name Renaissance appears on this page:


The band who plays in Holland is Ziggi Recado & the Renaissance band.




The show in Dallas is called Jazz at the Muse Doo Wop featuring Renaissance.

This is quoted from The Black Academy for Arts & Letters Calendar, April 2011:



“Doo Wop” Concert
Featuring Renaissance

Friday, 8 & Saturday, 9 @ 9pm | Clarence Muse Café Theatre | $15

When you hear five men from RENAISSANCE making music with their human voices, you’ll not believe what comes from this “street corner singing” a cappella group. Sounding like a full symphony, they’ll make one remember their first kiss, drive in movie, penny candy and nickel pickles with hot sauce and potato chips! They’re high energy, entertaining and super baaad! A season must see. HOSTED BY BOARD MEMBERS BARBARA STEELE and Gwendolyn Hunt.



Turn of the Cards & Scheherazade And Other Stories performed in their entirety!
Friday, September 23, 2011 - 8:00 PM
Keswick Theatre
Glenside, PA
Tix on Sale Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 10:00 AM


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Confirmed!


September 16th • 8:00 PM

On Sale June 9th

Renaissance begins an exciting new chapter, while honoring its beloved body of vintage work. Haslam and Dunford promise that the new six-piece lineup will perform the band's timeless classics with the same care with which the material was originally crafted, while utilizing technological advances to reproduce the music's original symphonic textures like never before. They're also enthusiastic about introducing the music to a new generation of listeners as well as longtime fans.

[more details] Ticket Price: $50, $65

I am very much looking forward to this tour. I have been wanting to hear "Trip to the Fair" and "Scheherazade" performed live as well as "The Vultures Fly High". "Ocean Gypsy" will also be nice to hear once again - always a crowd pleaser. The material they have been performing from "Turn of the Cards" is great, two of which are of course staples in the Renaissance concert setlist (Mother Russia and Running Hard) But I am so glad they pulled out "Black Flame" and "Things I Dont Understand" recently too. Those songs are just outstanding. "Cold is Being" will be interesting, I think it was only played live a few times when TOTC was released. However the complete opposite of that song is probably "I Think of You", which to me is a gem that gets lost amongst all the other great material from their catalogue.


I have tickets already for the Keswick Theater in Glenside PA for Sept 23, 2011.  I may also try to go to either Norfolk CT or Annapolis MD as well. See you out there hopefully!





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