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Please make a virtual tour in Longwood gardens:
I have not found anything yet about this show. No picture, no review.
I regret it. It seemed to be such a special place.
One meet-and-greet picture on Facebook:

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July 3, 2010

The two June shows with Procol Harum went spectacularly well. The musical combination of both bands was perfect! Audience reaction was very warm and appreciative.
It’s always quite an experience to play in Atlantic City and this time was no different.
We performed at the Tropicana which had a huge stage and also great lighting!
The sound system was excellent as were all the people involved in promoting the show.
(Bill Rogers, Ken Alderfer and all at BRE Presents) who also promoted the 2nd show we did with Procol at the very beautiful Longwood Gardens.
The backdrop for this show was similar to a stately home in England, full of beautiful buildings, ornate greenhouses bursting with hundreds of species of flowers and plants, fountains, and arbors dripping with sweet smelling flowers. The stage area was surrounded by tall manicured trees mimicking the ramparts of a medieval castle, or a scene from Alice in Wonderland!
The daylight was still with us when we performed, and the promise of imminent rain was not not fulfilled.
I was due to play a rain stick during our new song ‘The Mystic and The Muse’, but everyone in both bands including my friend Gary Brooker gave me a look of concern, I knew it would be tempting fate! so I played the piano pins instead.
It was a delight to sit out in the audience during Procol’s performance as the fireflies worked their way into the light show.
I was very happy to see Gary again, a brilliant singer and songwriter and extremely funny too!
Procol Harum consisted of Gary Brooker on Vocals and Keyboards, Geoff Whitehorn on Guitar and Vocals, Matt Pegg on Bass, Josh Phillips on Keyboards and Geoff Dunn on Drums.
They put on a fabulous show, BRAVO!

More to come from Annie and the band….

Longwood Gardens is an AMAZING place; very beautiful. If you are a horticulturalist or just admire great collections of flowers, plants and trees, this is a must see. The exterior grounds include a small residence which is now a museum, a Carillion Tower and pond, Pierce's Park, maintained woodlands, The Meadow, and a collection of fountains including the beautiful Italian sunken gardens and fountains. There is also over 3 acres of plants and trees under glass. Having been a summer retreat for Pierre S DuPont and his wife for many years, it is fairly well preserved and cared for. The fountains and gardens are incredible.

In regard to the show itself, it was eagerly anticipated by many - we knew it would be a special performance. Annie even remarked at how between songs you could hear the birds singing in the trees around the stage. Renaissance played a selection of fan favorites and one new song: Prologue, Carpet of the Sun, Things I Don't Understand, Midas Man, The Mystic and the Muse, Mother Russia, and finally Running Hard as the encore. Running Hard was especially wonderful to hear, I wish they played it again! It would have been nice to hear maybe one or two more songs, but being the oipening act they were limited time wise I am sure. Things I Don't Understand was wonderful to hear again too - love that song.

Procol Harum was excellent. They played many fan faves including Cerdes, Broken Barricades, Homburg, The Devil Came from Kansas, As Strong as Samson, Grand Hotel, A Salty Dog, Conquistador, and as the encore, Whiskey Train and A Whiter Shade of Pale. I beleive they played 15 or 16 songs in all, and played about 6 different songs than they played the week before in Atlantic City (yes, I was there too!).

A great concert in a beautiful place. i hope they come back again soon.
Small soundcheck picture added to the official blog:

Hoping to see a bigger edition one day...
A few new photos by Krista Wallhagen added to official blog


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