Renaissance Fanfare

Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

6/20/2010 - Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Westhampton Beach, NY

Who's going? 
How was it? 

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I'll be there! Anybody else?
Set list:

Carpet of the Sun
Things I Don't Understand
Midas Man
Mystic and the Muse
Running Hard
Encore: Mother Russia

Violinist Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) played on Mother Russia.

There was a meet-and-greet immediately after the set, sans David Keyes. The line was barely finished when Steve Hackett set started.

The Scheherazade CD+DVD was being sold.

Venue was not sold out but quite full.
Mark Wood is also a violinmaker, and you can commission an electric violin hand-painted by Annie to your specifications:

Steve Hackett at Westhampton Beach

Here is an article written a few days before this first Hackett/Renaissance date:
Jean-Luc said:
Here is an article written a few days before this first Hackett/Renaissance date:

Interesting tidbit (a bombshell, even) buried in the article:

Renaissance guitarist Michael Dunford “instigated the reunion,” she said with a laugh, “which at first I had no interest in. The other members were approached and declined. [...]"
(emphasis mine)

This came up at one of the meet-and-greets: There was indeed an attempt to reform the classic lineup, including Jon Camp, for the fall 2009 40th anniversary tour.
Yes, I had noticed this. Would they decline for an European tour too?

Anyway, the band of today does the job perfectly.


By the way, Mark Wood has a DVD named Prologue. Any relation with Renaissance?
I took that picture with Laura Kaye's camera!

New photos posted at official Renaissance blog:

Black-and-white was not intentional: my camera was accidentally still in the live shooting settings, and hopelessly overexposed the flash shot. Although color channels were blown beyond repair, luminance (b&w) information was recoverable.

The expressions are a true paparazzi moment, as Annie and Michael recognized myself+camera from RoSfest. :-)


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