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These aren't just event posters -- I think they are also content pages for smartphones. Here's page with clickable hyperlinks for artist bios, venue map, etc:

Google translation:

There are two open air concert halls in Hibiya Park.

It seems Renaissance will be in the large one:

Note from Annie:

"It was in Tokyo at an open air theater called 'Hibiya Open Air Theatre'. Very nice venue a little like the Greek Theatre, LA, on a smaller scale on the edge of a park. There were 2000 people there. We had another great audience and of course The Mystic once again was a triumph.
After the show we went for a Japanese meal and drank LOTS of Sake! Perfect ending!"

1. Prologue
2. Carpet of the Sun
3. Midas Man
4. Things I Don't Understand
5. The Mystic and the Muse
6. Running Hard

7. Mother Russia

according to

There are videos on this page, but not from the Japanese shows.
From Steve Hackett's blog:

We played alongside Renaissance at the festival. It was good to see them again.

More from Steve Hackett in an interview made in Japan before the shows.

I've done a few shows in the States with Renaissance and it worked out very well. We found a lot of crossover, with people interested in both bands. It's been fruitful and it's very nice touring with them.
More photos (soundcheck and touristing) on official facebook page.



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