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John Tout passed away this Friday, May 1st at 4.30pm from lung failure at The Royal Free Hospital, London, England.
He was an amazing musician, highly contributing to the unique sound of the band from 1970 - 1980. He was the quiet (but funny) one in the band, always very caring towards the fans and good friend to Annie Haslam,Terence SullivanJon Camp and Michael Dunford
He will always be in our hearts and music! Please share your thoughts and photos of John.

From Jon Camp via Facebook: 

It is with the ultimate sadness and grief that I have to announce the passing on Friday 1st of May of my dearest friend and fellow musician. John was an unbelievably decent human being to all who knew him. His talent was second to none-I have never witnessed anyone play the piano like him or never will again.Those who were in the inner circle of Renaissance knew unreservedly that he was 'The Band' -very little would have been achieved without his mastery. You'll always be with me JT! The world had lost the most gentle of souls xxx

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 Total Shock at this sad news , im so glad I got to see him play a few times , John you were and will always be the BEST keyboard player to me R.I.P

Vey sad about it. I have always been a Toutist. Hope next DVD to have a dedication to him. Not only his talent has been a reference to musicians, it also helped me to approach and improve my work. I am thinking about doing something in his memory (probably at Royal Free Hospital, where he died). And open to any tribute initiative in Europe and/or the States in the future. 

Very sad news - he was the most extraordinarily gifted piano player and such an important part of the classic Renaissance sound. Does anyone know how old he was ?

I don´t know. But JT joined Ruppert´s People around 1967 with more than 20 years of age. Probably born between 1943 and 1946. 

There are two John Tout's showing on FreeBMD as born in England in that period -

John E Tout born Bristol in the second quarter of 1943

John Tout born Hackney in the third quarter of 1944

For some reason I think he may have been a Londoner, and if he was the one born in Hackney he would have been seventy when he died.

According to the Book of Renaissance Tour 1975 the Zodiac Sign of John Tout was Virgo (ie. born between August 23th and September 22th).

Obviously John Tout was present in the spirit of the people who attended the concert of GAR 2015.

As a testimony of it, we can see in this recording

that when Rave Tesar was playing a piano passage of Prologue someone in the public said... John Tout ¡

(appears at 4.43 of the recording)


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