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Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

Renaissance covers are not very common nowadays.  Scroll down for a few off YouTube (and add more if you find a good one -- copy/paste the "Embed" code that's shown to the right of the video on YouTube. )

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Most folks are already familiar with Ocean Gypsy covered by Blackmore's Night:

A male (!) cover of I Think of You - surprisingly good

Found by Oscar Fornells i Herrero. Closer to the Blackmore's Night arrangement than the original:

Oscar Fornells i Herrero found these on Youtube:

I had posted this one here earlier -- a fearless attempt at Ashes are Burning:

Not really a covers, but something even better: Guitar lessons on Ocean Gypsy and Kalynda!

Another Ocean Gypsy cover. This one is way above average, I think, because a) it's a capella; b) the singer maintains an interesting "hurried" pacing; c) she has that mystic/hippie look that fits the song and era; d) she's a good singer. The interpretation itself is closer to the Blackmore's Night one than the original.

What about this one?

No image.


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