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Renaissance covers are not very common nowadays.  Scroll down for a few off YouTube (and add more if you find a good one -- copy/paste the "Embed" code that's shown to the right of the video on YouTube. )

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Listen again at (available for only 7 days).

They are very respectful for Renaissance and enthusiast about Jon Camp's reaction.

The interview is in the second hour. The song is played at 01:52:42. Within the few minutes before and after, they talk about Renaissance.

Some more texts and links.

Hi Jon, thanks so much it means the absolute world to us that you like it, we love the song so thank you guys!!! Chrissy x
VERY nice, you know that Annie Haslam is from Bolton too :-)
Wow guys thanks so much Renaissance high praise indeed...we love you guys and the song, so glad you like!! Oh yes I think that Rick went to the same school as Annie Haslam teeny tiny world !!xx
Northern Lights - Christmas Lights by UK based duo Blackheart Check out their two versions of our top ten hit Northern Lights, very nice and fresh, we see that we have another musician from Annie Haslam's hometown of Bolton in the band.

A new airplay of Christmas Lights by BBC-2 last morning (can be displayed for 6 days, starts at about 26.36).

Isn't she slightly out of tune ?

For me the best cover of the renaissance ... Ladylike with Tania Braz ...

For me the best cover of the renaissance ... Ladylike with Tania Braz

What do you mean by "the renaissance"?

Ocean Gypsy by Linde Nijland:

It was posted on Facebook by Renaissance with this comment:

A very beautiful recording of Ocean Gypsy by Linde Nijland
what an absolutely beautiful voice, please check her out and share


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