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This show is a sell-out

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In a word, "brilliant." 

Annie's voice was great. Little, if any, compromise. She was energetic & playful with the audience. The drummer, bass player, & keyboardist were top notch. Michael Dunford was in fine fettle. Rave Teasar was good albeit with a few bum notes. 

First half was "Turn of The Cards." Annie admitted to flubbing a line in one of the songs & the climatic vocal chorus at the end of "Mother Russia" was seriously flubbed. Don't know how it happened but everyone seemed to be out of synch & off-key. When it was acknowledged just before the intermission I wanted to yell out, "That'll cost you an extra encore", but my cold feet were acting up. 

Second half was "Scheherazade and other stories." Outstanding! 

Encore was "The Mystic & the Muse." I dunno about this one. 

The performance was sold out, 200+ in attendance. There was a "meet & greet" afterwards. Lots of nerds, like me, in line to say thanks or to have something signed. I just wanted them to know that their music has a special place in my soul. I love music & have heard more than I could ever remember. But their music somehow cut straight to the core & remains with me to this day. 

I had a great night. I encourage you to see them if you get the chance!


Almost forgot. She announced that the shows on this tour are being recorded & some (not last night) are going to be filmed for an up-coming CD/DVD release which, she hopes, will be out before Christmas. She also went on to say that she was going to include something of a personal nature in the product. She proceeded to make a joke out of this by suggesting it might be a bra. Then she lamented that there was a time when she didn't wear them. A moment of whimsy.


I was also at the show last night. It was a very enjoyable evening. Annie was fantastic as usual. My only quibble would be I thought the bass was kind of lost in the mix as well as some of Michael's guitar. The bass players playing was pretty fantastic I just would have liked to be able to hear him better. It could be that I was all the way to the left and close to the stage. 

This is the second time I've heard Mystic and the Muse. I heard it last year when they played with Steve Hackett. I enjoyed it more this time. If they capped the evening with something short after that like, Carpet of the Sun that would have been a perfect ending. IMO. 

Still a great show and a great time. And I will add that the Tupelo venue while not perfect is still a great place to see a show. Their wine/beer cellar is unlike I have seen at any other venue. Literally 100+ choices of fine beers or wine to enjoy while watching the show. After a day of running around with the kids and taking care of various house projects it was a wonderful relaxing evening listening to Renaissance and sipping some fine Belgian beers. 

Sorry about the radio silence, folks -- it was a LONG 21-hour day, followed by another all-day drive to upstate New York today.

The classic-albums set is being received VERY well, as you might expect -- Cold Is Being, Trip to the Fair, and Scheherazade are magical, spine-shivering, tear-inducing moments.  Yes, there were some technical mistakes, including the "seriously flubbed" Mother Russia passage that Casey refers to above.  

The sold-out 240-capacity venue was a nice surprise: GREAT sound - earplugs not needed!  Lighting was simple but visually pleasing. 

I was hoping to get a "marquee" shot of the venue, but because of the Renaissance sell-out the venue was already advertising the next scheduled act: 


> The sold-out 240-capacity venue was a nice surprise: GREAT sound - earplugs not needed!

Venue acoustics and equipment deserve credit, but I forgot to mention probably the main reason for this: The FOH engineer on this tour is Denny Bridges


Denny's resume:

New comment on Progressive Ears, about the "flubbing" passage.



I was watching the drummer during this part. What caught my attention was that he was reading sheet music, something I haven't really noticed before. He seemed to be concentrating intensely, about that time was the, 'uh oh that didn't sound right part.' Hey, we're all human.  Great show. Just thought I'd mention what I saw during that part.

Some comments on the Renaissance FB page:


Mitch Goldman:

Great show tonight in NH...the whole band sounded fantastic. I simply cannot believe Annie's voice...she sounds every bit as powerful and emotional as she did in the 70s. And Jason was a positive revelation...the array of instruments he evoked from song to song was stunning. My wife and I had several "wow that dude is INCREDIBLE!" moments. Thanks again for a great show!

Diane Chambers-Stewart:

Terrific show all! (Lovely voices men - Annie always.) Yes, the room was warm, but a hot band and a large family will do that. I've waited (far) too long for a live concert - Thank you again!

Debbie Larsen Cerundolo:

Thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and a huge thrill to meet the band afterward. You are all SO terrific. There are no words to describe the perfection and magnificence of Annie's voice. To hear the band live in 2011, sounding the way they did, and saying hello after the show, what can top that???

Jeffrey K Belitsky:

I've waited 29 years for this concert, and it was well worth the wait. Annie, your voice is still as beautiful as it was when I first saw and heard you in Pawtucket RI in 1976 (when you were 5, right? :-)) It was a wish come true to meet you and the band. I am SO looking forward to seeing all of you again. Guys you were fantastic too! You are all RENAISSANCE!. Maybe a Song for All Seasons/Azure D'Or tour?Take care - travel safe - I am looking forward to the CD/DVD of the tour (and Annie - your "special" gift" - I can't wait!)

First official photos:


Denny Bridges:


hi,wish iwas able to attend any of the shows but cannot at this time....will catch them when the next tour rolls around in albany at THE EGG..i hope..i will buy the poster and dvd..regards to all,wayne.


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