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Fans of Renaissance and Annie Haslam

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Ocean Gypsy, Posted on YouTube by Adfumbler.

More videos here: NYC2011.

I wrote up the show in my blog, The Rebirth of Renaissance.

Some photos from the time before the start of the show to Cold is being (with Annie Haslam and Jason Hart at organ).
Rave Tesar testing the keys
Expectations of the fans as time to the start was approaching
Instrumental intro of Running Hard (without Annie on stage)

Another review, by Lawrence Peryer:

Michael Dunford presented Mother Russia in the show. He said something like "and now the last song from Turn of the cards" and somebody in the audience shouted : ¡ Mother Russia ¡. In a British gentleman-like way Dunford answered ¡ Correct ¡ and proceeded to the presentation with a cite to Solzhenitsyn (similar to Carnegie Hall, but with Dunford instead of Annie Haslam).

There have been three Russian Nobel laureates  in Humanities (not including Economics) since Solzhenitsyn (Brodsky, Sakharov and Gorbachev). Curiously, Mikhail Gorbachev is giving a lecture/interview this month in the same place where Dunford presented and Renaissance performed Mother Russia.

Curious as well that this meeting is co-sponsored by the Russian Tea Room (the restaurant of Carnegie Hall, and where I ate dinner before the concert).


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