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OK. AngloAmerican band, but Keswick Theater  or Keswick Theatre ?.

Two things unique about the Keswick show:  1) Keyboards on risers (in addition to drums);  2) Video crew

Do you mean they didn't film anything before that show?


Correct: no video crew until Keswick.  Audio recording has taken place on multiple shows.
How many cameras were there?

Hard to tell how many cameras, but at any one time I saw two professional video cameras on stage at once a few times. There was also what I'll call a "monitor camera" at what i think was the recording board next to the main soundboard. 


and yes, its the Keswick THEATRE, to answer Jose's question.  = )

Four, I think: One on stage, two by soundboard, one in projection booth (venue used to be a grand movie theater.)

I saw a couple minutes of the director's live edit of Running Hard during intermission - it looked great!


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