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"The Mystic and the Muse" Sounds Like ...

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Added by Esa on May 29, 2010 at 1:00pm — 8 Comments

RoSfest 2010: Even the Skeptics!

I was impressed by the following (short) review by a blogger who admits to not being a fan. Despite her own skepticism, she clearly "respects the classics" and saw the impact that Renaissance had on the faithful:

Watching Renaissance was like watching the movie Avatar -- I did it because I felt like I "had to." Not a big fan of this…

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Renaissance People

I see whit satisfaction how some Renaissance's history important persons arrive on this web : Pamela Brown, David Gaines or Paul Whitehead. Maybe some day we can talk whit Dick Plant, Harry Ravinowitz, Tony Cox or Louis Clarck. I like to know more about the artist or inspiration relationship between band members and Dick Plant in some sense the master of Renaissance recording sound.

At last I d'ont know if this point is in correct way but... I wish some day talk here whit Jon Camp. He left… Continue

Added by oscar fornells i herrero on May 12, 2010 at 6:26pm — 4 Comments


Hi everyone, I'm pleased to be here. I started the first Renaissance website back in 1996 and later on wrote the liner notes for the HTD Records compact disc re-releases of Turn Of The Cards and Scheherazade And Other Stories. I wrote to the booking agency for Steve Hackett and Renaissance a few months back and suggested the State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia as an ideal venue for them to play in in the Washington, D.C. area and sure enough they booked it. I'll see you there.…


Added by David Gaines on May 11, 2010 at 1:04pm — 3 Comments

RoSfest 2010: Meet-and-Greet

The entire band except for David Keyes made themselves available for a friendly and unhurried meet-and-greet after their headlining set -- only the tallest stacks of memorabilia got a polite but firm "enough already" from Annie.

A couple of interesting items got signed, among them a Camera Camera poster I had never seen before (pictured below) and a Northern Lights picture single.

I managed to get a copy of the set list after the show (thanks to Tom Brislin!) and… Continue

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RoSfest 2010: Joe Goldberger on Drums

Joe Goldberger filled in for Frank Pagano at RoSfest 2010. This was due to a scheduling conflict - Frank will go on tour with the band in June.…


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RoSfest 2010: Preview Photos

I took a TON of photos - but I'm still in the middle of shooting festival day 2 today, and will be driving back home to Atlanta all day Monday (in pouring rain and thunderstorms, it looks like.) I'll start posting more pictures later in the week.

In the meantime, I added a handful of preview shots to the RoSfest 2010 gallery.… Continue

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Rosfest 2010: Slight Lexical Problems

My contribution to RoSfest: Spell check the marquee and notify the authorities.

After: …


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RoSfest 2010: The Stage is Set

Almost can't believe the day has come: Renaissance performs at RoSfest tonight.

The venue is fantastic, the sound is perfect. We are ready for "Let's have a warm welcome please for Renaissance."

Couple of shots from Friday below.…


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