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Renaissance at the Fabulous Fox - 1977

I'm not a collector of ticket stubs, but I had to buy this one because of the home town connection: Atlanta's "Fabulous Fox" Theatre, a 5000-seat theater built in 1929, constructed initially as headquarters and mosque for the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ("Shriners"), but turned into a lavish 1920s Hollywood movie palace as the masonic brotherhood's construction funds evaporated. 

We all have our favorite venues, and The Fox is that of mine and many Atlantans.  Inside the massive theater, the props and ornamentation create the illusion of an under-the-stars moorish courtyard.  I wasn't here in 1977, but this would have been a Carnegie Hall equivalent religious experience:  Renaissance at the Fox!

Footnote: I had forgotten that back in the day, concert tickets for major shows were printed with fancy embossed ink as an anti-forgery measure, turning this impulse buy into a display-worthy collectible. 

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