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Renaissant: The Sullivan Musical Family

Imagine this: You are in the pre-launch tinkering stages of an amateur fan site for your favorite band. You reach out to the band's drummer via his web site contact form, for permission to use some of his images. Next thing you know, Terry Sullivan joins your site as member #1.
Then he unplugs from the Internet for extended travels in warmer climates, pledging to return online some time late April/May. In the meantime, fans start discovering the site and joining, all the while wondering who this Terry Sullivan namesake/impersonator is.

A few weeks later, two more Sullivans join: Terry's sons Lee Bilec-Sullivan and Kristian Sullivan. We are only missing Mrs. Christine Sullivan...

It is my honor to extend a belated welcome and thank-you to Terry Sullivan & family. Feel free to say hello and welcome on their profile pages (but expect a much-delayed response from Terry.)

And if you haven't already, definitely check out Terry's family-and-friends project Renaissant and the debut release from 2004 called South of Winter.

There's a lot for Renaissance fans to like: Betty Newsinger-Thatcher contributes lyrics; John Tout appears on piano; both sons contribute, as does Christine Sullivan on vocals. In addition to drums and acoustic guitar, Terry handles vocals on a couple of tracks (and channels Andy Latimer!) And the project name is beyond brilliant! HIGHLY recommended -- check out the rave reviews.

You can buy the CD directly from Terry Sullivan's web site, or (in North America at least) get instant gratification by previewing and (inevitably) buying it on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

If you buy either of the downloadable versions, note an amusing typo: track 3 is mistakenly labeled "Carless" instead of "Careless."

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