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Turn Of The Cards and Scheherazade liner notes

Hi everyone -

Long time no has been a very, very busy year but with the new Renaissance tour announced I've been finding time to poke around the band's website and Facebook page as well as dust off this blog. I've been meaning to do this for awhile anyway, but since these two great albums will be performed in their entirety on the tour, it's the perfect time to share these documents with you.

Back in 1995, HTD Records, a reissue label in England, decided to produce compact disc re-releases of Turn Of The Cards and Scheherazade And Other Stories (they infamously labeled the latter on the CDs themselves as "Scherezade And Short Stories"). I had just started up the first Renaissance-related website while I was in graduate school at the Peabody Conservatory, and somehow the folks at HTD found it and sent me an email asking if I wouldn't mind writing the liner notes.

I didn't mind.  :-)

HTD Records seems to have been out of business for quite some time now, so as far as I know these particular editions of the two albums are long out of print. It's likely you've never seen them or the liner notes contained within. If that's the case, click here to download them as PDF files. Enjoy.

I'll be at the Birchmere and Keswick Theatre shows on September 22 and 23. If you recognize me, please do come over and say hello.

David Gaines

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