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Short promo for the sparkling new musical thriller SCHEHERAZADE. Music by Michael Dunford of Renaissance, and Richard Brown. Book & Lyrics by Shaun McKenna. ...

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Comment by Jean-Luc on October 3, 2012 at 5:30pm

It's a complete surprise for me. I remember, 9 years ago, this statement at Northern Lights:

Michael Dunford contacted us and asked that we pass along the following to you:

I was hoping to write to all the investors a while ago with positive news but I am afraid the production is now on hold due to the current situation in the Middle East. All investors will be informed of any changes to the current position.

We will be sure to let you know of any further information.  (21 July [2003])

The only time I had read again about it was in the magazine Progression of spring 2011, where Michael Dunford declared: 

There's someone I met through doing some demos who's a multimillionaire and he put a great deal of money in. We were all ready to go in the West End in London and the 9/11 and the Iraq War happened, and the guy with the money decided to do his own thing in the music industry. He decided he didn't want to be involved and took a loss, and that was it. So the companies were dissolved and that's now on the backburner. I'm looking for a producer and a few million dollars to put it on.


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